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Bringing Alcoholism and Drug Abuse to an End

Addiction is a severe problem. Life can get challenging when you are addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs. It's not uncommon for deeply rooted addiction to cause other mental health problems. Often, individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction also suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety. It leads to further substance abuse, which worsens the condition. The best way to do this is by sourcing a proven and reliable rehabilitation centre in Rohtak, like Sabrr Foundation.

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We are the No.1 De-Addiction Centre in Rohtak

At Sabrr Foundation, we offer the best residential treatment for your loved one in a safe environment conducive to recovery. Our treatment programmes are based on scientific evidence and have proven to work overtime, including cognitive behavioural therapy. We also follow an integrated approach by incorporating complementary therapies such as yoga, meditation and art therapy into our treatment plans.

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Helping Addicts Live a Life from Addiction

There are many reasons why an individual can become addicted to drugs and alcohol. It may be related to their personal life - family problems, job stress, etc., or it could be due to the environment in which they grew up.

Being the best de-addiction centre in Rohtak, we understand that each person has a different story and the reasons for their addiction are not the same. We have designed our rehab program keeping this in mind. Our goal is to bring about a holistic change in you to go back to your life with confidence and positivity.

Access Our Exclusive Rehab Program for Lifelong Recovery

After a long battle with substance abuse, stepping into rehab is one of an individual's most challenging things to do. Our Rohtak-based centre provides the support network needed to accomplish that goal. We take a unique and highly effective approach to helping our clients recover from addiction.

Our range of specialized treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychological disorders go beyond the traditional approach to recovery. Our team of experienced psychologists and counsellors use a holistic approach to treat various addiction-related issues.

Rehabilitation Centre for Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a serious medical problem with potentially lethal consequences, and yet, it is a common concern for our society.

If your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you know how frightening the prospect of rehab can be. Thankfully, the best rehabilitation centre for alcohol in Rohtak, Sabrr Foundation, is taking leaps and bounds in its approach to helping people recover from addiction.

Rehabilitation Centre for Drug Addicts

It is not easy talking about drug addiction in India. Despite the stigma attached to this condition, however, it is estimated that there are around 60,000 new cases of drug and alcohol abuse every year in Rohtak. The most common drugs involved are cannabis, cocaine, opiates and heroin.

We offer a full range of treatments and therapies to help those suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our holistic approach treats the mind, body, and spirit to give you the tools you need for lifelong recovery.

Rehabilitation Centre for Depression

At Sabrr Foundation, we make sure that you feel confident that your loved ones will receive the care they need to recover from their addiction. Being the best rehabilitation centre for depression, we use a personalized recovery approach designed to help ensure lasting recovery from depression traumas.

Where Can You Find Us?

If you're struggling to cope with a loved one's addiction, help is available. A rehabilitation centre near Rohtak, like Sabrr Foundation, offers the dedicated resources and tailored treatment that your loved one needs. Whether it stems from drug abuse, alcoholism or another form of addiction, we provide the essential support required for long-term recovery.

Let's Get Started with a Therapy Session

Addiction is an unfortunate reality in the modern world. The increasing prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction has led to much negative stigma in society. This stigma surrounding addiction targets families whose loved ones are addicts. It can have a severe impact on the families of addicts, as they may be discriminated against on numerous levels since their loved ones affect their lives negatively.

Sabrr Foundation is a drug and substance abuse treatment centre that provides integrated and individualized care to addicts and their families. Our facilities are inclusive of

  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Detoxification
  • Relapse Prevention
  • 12-step Facilitation
  • Clinical Integration Services
  • Community-based Recovery Support

If you find that your loved one is fighting addiction, Sabrr Foundation can provide them with the support they need for a full recovery. More than just another rehabilitation centre, we offer a safe and friendly atmosphere in which recovering addicts can receive bespoke treatment. There is always space for an additional patient on our programme, so call us today to book your place.

Looking for the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Your Area? Reach Us.

Recovering from an addiction is one of the most challenging things. It's a long course requiring discipline and willpower. But sometimes, this just isn't enough. Sometimes, you need extra help even when you are at your strongest. That's why sometimes additional support and therapy may be just what you need to beat your addiction for good.

Being a renowned de-addiction centre in Rohtak, we aim at providing a haven for people who wish to recover from their addictions without taking away their freedom or privacy. It's why we offer luxurious accommodations that make you feel at home while undergoing treatment at our rehab facility in Rohtak.

Save on Overall Rehabilitation Centre Costs by Availing Our Services

Sabrr Foundation offers the highest standards of care at a cost-effective price. Whether you're interested in one of our workshops or would like to join us for a weekly class or two, we offer top-quality treatment for drug and alcohol users with specialized rehabilitation centre charges/cost/fees for your convenience.

Today, our clients are sober, happy and ready to take on life again. The foundation remains the best de-addiction centre in Rohtak with our unique combination of yoga and meditation classes, holistic therapies, and extensive experience with addiction recovery. Stop by today to see how we can help your loved one get back on track!

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