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A lot of people in India suffer from addiction and alcoholism. It is one of the most serious problems in our country, as it affects an individual's health, family life, social relations, and mental stability. The problem of addiction is huge in India, especially when the case is about the National Capital. As per the stats released by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, 40% of the young population in Dehradun is addicted to substance abuse; two in ten addicts require immediate assistance. On average, 65% of addicts belong to the age group of 17-45 years, and 5% are below 16 years of age.

To help those who want to get rid of their addiction but do not know how Sabrr Foundation has started the De Addiction Centre In Dehradun which helps them by providing a safe place for rehabilitation and counselling sessions with experienced professionals.

De Addiction Centre in Dehradun

Our Approach - Initiatives Taken By Sabrr Foundation for absolute recovery


De-Addiction in Dehradun

We give individuals the necessary help they need for long-lasting recovery

The process of de-addiction can be difficult for some people because they are constantly being pulled back into their past traumas or triggers. At Sabrr Foundation, we provide an environment where you can feel safe and secure as we guide you through your unique healing process. Our goal is to give individuals the necessary help they need to lead healthier lives.

Recovery can be difficult and take years, but with our team of professionals at your side, you'll have the best chance possible for recovery.


We support you every step of the way to lead a healthier life

It is never too late to take a step back and come out of the addiction, no matter how deep-rooted it might be. One must make up their mind about wanting to recover from an addiction. All they need is a helping hand and little guidance, and here comes the Sabrr Foundation. Being the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Dehradun For Alcohol, we offer more than just recovery services.

At Sabrr Foundation, we believe that recovery isn't a treatment or process, it's a journey. We help individuals who have been traumatized and help them heal their minds, hearts, and bodies from this experience so they live a healthy life free from addictions.


We offer forever care beyond the recovery process

Sabrr Foundation, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Dehradun offers personalized treatment plans for clients with addiction. With an all-inclusive environment and individualized therapies, Sabrr Foundation is the perfect place to recover from substance abuse. Our center has successfully helped many people with drug and alcohol addiction by getting them back on their feet without craving for drugs again.

We believe in following the holistic approach for the recoveries, and for this, we also conduct yoga and meditation sessions for the complete recovery - from inside out.

Our Core Areas

Helping drug addicts to get back on their feet again

People nowadays are falling prey to depression and anxiety, and it gets quite difficult for them to get rid of this state. Due to depression, patients often feel uncomfortable when surrounded by a group of people, and sometimes this situation becomes perilous to their life. Therefore to save people in such conditions and help them live a healthy life, we conduct engaging sessions where they feel comfortable sharing their experience.


Addicted to Alcohol or any other Drugs?

Our De Addiction Centre in Dehradun Can Help!

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Sabrr Foundation believes that complete recovery is a life-long journey. Each individual's path to recovery will be different because each person has unique needs. That way, we offer tailored treatments based on their needs. It's one of many qualities that make the Sabrr Foundation the Best De Addiction Centre in Dehradun. Our core areas include the following,

Alcohol Drugs Depression/Anxiety

At Sabrr Foundation, we give new hope to addicted individuals. Being in the rehab industry for many years now, we are confident that we can help you or your loved one with their addiction. Being the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Dehradun for alcohol and drugs addiction, we ensure that all clients will get the utmost care and will be treated with respect. So, if you to see your dear one live a happy and healthy life free from drugs, bring them to Sabrr Foundation. It's never too late to bring your loved ones to our rehab!

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