Healthy Eating at Sabrr Foundation

  • Our buffet lunch includes an impressive mix of salad, vegetables, fish, and meats – all of it prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients. Clients regularly rave about the delicious food.

  • Our breakfast includes lots of fruit, a selection of yogurts, and eggs (Macroni, Poha, Butter and Egg Bread, Chilla with Tea,Bread Rolls, Stuffed Parathas, Chickpeas with Pickle) for protein.

  • Our Lunch includes (Kidney Beens, Cowpeas, Black Chickpeas, Sambhar, Fried Rice, Raita, Rice and Chapati, Papad, Salads).

  • Our Evening Snacks includes (Biscuit/Tea, Rissole/Tea, Fruit Chat, French Fries/Tes).

  • Our Dinner includes (Dal, Sabji, Egg Curry, Aaloo Mater,Channa Dal,Sweets, Chicken, Paneer, Chapati, Rice,Salad).

  • Healthy snacks are available throughout the day for clients who are feeling a bit peckish.

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