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Sabrr Foundation is the best rehabilitation centre in Meerut that can help people with addiction overcome it and prevent them from becoming addicted again. It is a name of trust and integrity for premier addiction treatment services in Meerut. The mission of our centre is to provide support to those who are struggling with substance abuse and help them prevent such incidents from happening again.

At Sabrr Foundation, we work to help our patients get back on their feet with the help of a tried and tested approach, which combines both medical and therapeutic treatment. As the best rehab centre, we have treated many people addicted to alcohol or drugs and got them to a life where they are no longer dependent on such substances.

Know What Addiction is, Causes & it's Stages for Deep Recovery

The term 'addiction' refers to the continued use of an intoxicating substance or practice despite its known adverse effects on a person's health, mental state and social standing. An addict exhibits such a pattern of behaviour; these individuals have an addiction problem. While there are numerous forms of substance abuse, alcohol is among the most common ones in Meerut, according to recent statistics.

6-Causes of Addictions: Why Does It Happen?

It is an indisputable fact that significant life events and stress cause most addictions. But what exactly causes someone to start using a substance or developing a habit? The answer to this question is not always clear, even to the person who develops the addiction. It's a complicated issue that is unique to each situation and individual.

A variety of things can trigger addictions. As per the best de-addiction centre in Meerut, some of the common causes of addiction include,

  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Loss of Loved Ones
  • Financial Loss
  • Family Disputes
  • Legal Troubles
  • Health Issues

6-Stages of Addiction: How to Recover from it?

The course of addiction differs from person to person but generally follows the same timeline. As per the experts at the best de-addiction centre in Meerut, the development and progression of addiction are divided into six stages.

  • Stage 1st begins during adolescence when an individual first experiments with substances.
  • During the 2nd stage, the individual consumes substances regularly and excessively.
  • In the 3rd stage, people continue to consume substances & enter a phase of high risk.
  • The 4th stage involves physical & psychological dependency, leading to consumption.
  • At the 5th stage, dependence on substances has developed; tolerance is also present at this point.
  • In the 6th stage, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) manifests itself; the individual is now dependent on substances and has a severe problem that requires professional intervention.

Addiction can cost your health, family & happiness. Thus, it's essential to get help from a recognised rehab centre in Meerut, like Sabrr Foundation.

We follow a 6-step Recovery Regime

A comprehensive treatment plan for recovery from drugs and/or alcohol addiction is not a one-time event. It is a process that can last several months or even years. At our best rehabilitation centre for alcohol, we follow a 6-step recovery programme to ensure that the patients are not just treated for their addiction alone. They are also given all the support they need for their mental health and overall wellbeing, which is essential if they are to be able to lead an everyday life once again.

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Rehabilitation
  • Critical Care Treatment
  • Family Participation Counselling
  • Aftercare Process
  • Aftercare Counselling

We give clients Customized Treatments

We are a well-known rehab centre for drug addicts with depression, alcohol, and other mental health issues. Our professional team of counsellors and therapists have years of experience in dealing with addicted people and helping them get their lives back on track. We strive to help our clients achieve long term recovery from addiction and prevent them from relapsing.

  • Alcohol
  • Drug
  • Depression/ Anxiety

Rehab Centre Aims to Make People Drug-Free with Our Unique Treatments

A good treatment program is only effective when you feel comfortable. At our rehab centre in Meerut, we've tried our best to replicate the kind of comfort you'd get at home under the supervision of our professional therapist. We believe in creating a home-like environment where our clients can relax and engage in their daily activities. Furthermore, we have several workshops to help clients take their recovery one step further and achieve goals they would never have thought possible before treatment.

We offer Helpful Sessions & Therapies

Being the best rehabilitation centre for alcohol, we treat the patient as an individual. We understand that each person has their own set of problems, and we are here to help each person overcome their struggle with addiction. We do not use a 'one size fits all approach, but instead, we tailor our therapies to each individual's needs. This customised approach helps us ensure that we get the best results possible from our patients.

  • We have the best team of well-trained staff to care for your loved ones.
  • Our customised rehab programs can cure every addiction with professional care and extensive support.
  • Every week, we encourage clients to participate in counselling sessions thrice a week.
  • Every Sunday, we have a self-assessment session where clients come forward to share their experiences.

We provide a home-like facility for stay

Our rehabilitation centre in Meerut endeavours to make your stay as comfortable as possible by providing you with a homely feel. The perfect combination of new-age comforts & old age fitness regime is what you will experience here, suitable for all kinds of patients. Below are some of the facilities you'll find here at Sabrr Foundation.

  • Sessions, workshops and group discussions at our rehabilitation centre for depression are a vital part of the recovery regime
  • All these treatments aim at helping individuals overcome addiction and related health concerns.
  • Clients will get home-cooked nutritious meals to maintain metabolism resulting in fast recovery.
  • We have a spacious facility full of all the necessary amenities, including 4-bed and 6-bed rooms with AC, Cooler, and washroom.

Don't Wait for a Crisis to Start Dealing with Addiction Problems: Get the Best Facilities at the Best Fees

The Sabrr Foundation has been a leading rehabilitation and counselling centre for alcohol, drug, and depression. Our team of expert counsellors is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to help you deal with your addiction. Our goal is not just to provide you with treatment but also to educate you about the repercussions of alcohol and drugs. We have a range of helpful sessions and therapies for dealing with alcohol and drug addictions. These facilities are accessible at the minimal rehabilitation centre charges/cost/fees across North India.

We Give You a Chance to Turn Your Life Around at Our Rehabilitation Centre in Meerut

Sabrr Foundation is a leading de-addiction centre in Meerut that provides the best quality counselling and rehabilitation services to people with addiction problems. We also work at disseminating anti-drug abuse education among the masses.

Our team members are professionally trained and certified in their respective fields to provide unequalled rehab services to those with addiction problems. An important thing to keep in mind about addiction is that it doesn't happen overnight-it takes time for someone to develop a habit, and it also takes time to recover.

Don't lose hope & join our rehabilitation centre in Meerut for immediate help!

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