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Helping Addicts Break Addiction & Open Life-long Path to Recovery

People with an addiction cannot help themselves, which is why they need support from others to do it a lot of the time. When someone you know has a habit, and you want them to get out of it as soon as possible, that person needs help from somewhere, and Sabrr Foundation is the best rehabilitation centre in Bijnor that can help.

Sabrr Foundation is the best rehabilitation centre in Bijnor that provides addicts with various services. Through our healing programs, we aim at helping people fight addiction efficiently and effectively. We offer counselling, detoxification, and detoxification followed by rehabilitation programs as per the patient's requirements and emotional support to help them shape a new healthy lifestyle. Join us in this successful journey to get rid of addictions.

Want to Quit Addiction? Sabrr Foundation is the Place for You

There are two main types of addicts when it comes to addiction: one who is currently addicted and the other who is not but has a strong possibility of getting addicted. So, when it comes to the de-addiction centre in Bijnor, our centre is best suited for these types of addicts.

We provide several services, including counter counselling sessions where we deal with the root cause of the problem existing within an addict. It helps us understand the root cause behind addiction and further improve with time by handling this issue smoothly as long as you are determined to be free from your addiction issues.

To Treat Addiction from the Root, first Understand Why Do People Get Addicted?

Most people think of addiction as a failure in moral willpower that addicts can't control. But the matter is that the drugs involved in addiction hijack the brain's decision-making processes and make it almost impossible for those addicted to stop using drugs independently. Most attempts at stopping will result in immediate relapse, even if the addict wants to stop.

6-common Causes of Addiction

  • Financial Loss
  • Loved One Death
  • Family Problem
  • Relationship Issues
  • Past Traumas
  • Casual consumption turning to addiction

6-Stages of Addiction

  • The initial starts during the teen years, followed by experimentation
  • Continuous & excessive consumption results in the 3rd & 4th stage
  • Dependence is the 5th stage that also involves tolerance, physical & psychological dependency
  • The 6th stage is termed Substance Use Disorder

The Cost of Addiction: Your Money, Your Health, Your Family & Your Freedom. It’s better to cure addiction before it affects you. So, if you’re searching for the best de-addiction centre in Bijnor, choose Sabrr Foundation.

Choose Us for Our Recovery Process: 6 Stages to Rehabilitation

We, at Sabrr Foundation, are the best rehab centre in Bijnor. Though it’s not easy to come out of addiction, we ensure that our clients are treated with utmost care and concern. Our rehab centre is a home away from home where they can feel relaxed while going through the recovery process. Our rehab program covers 6 stages:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Rehabilitation
  • Critical Care Treatment
  • Aftercare Process
  • Family Participation Counselling
  • Aftercare Counselling

Choose Us for Our Customised Treatments

Unlike other rehabs, we have a combination of therapies under a single roof that treats addiction issues on a deep level. We are known for giving effective treatments for dealing with addiction and its consequences.

We hope that our clients come out of this experience being more calm, compliant, solid and free from the threat of addiction.

  • Alcohol
  • Drug
  • Depression/ Anxiety

Get the Best Treatment for Addiction, Here at Sabrr Foundation

We at Sabrr Foundation rehabilitation centre in Bijnor have a diversified approach to dealing with alcoholism and substance abuse problems, and we are leaning away from conventional methods for treating addiction. We are proud to offer the facilities of clinical hypnotherapy, combined with individual counselling, group therapy and family therapy as additive components towards holistic rehabilitation.

Our team of experienced counsellors has the specialization and training that enables us to provide customized treatment plans to our clients and ensure a 100% success rate in their rehabilitation process.

Transparent Services

The team comprises psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, recreational therapists and social workers to initiate holistic care which addresses the whole being of an individual’s body and mind. Our methods are creative and innovative so that they suit your financial budget. Our transparent services make us the best rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and people surfing from alcohol addiction and depression.

  • We treat patients like our family, and thus, we share a strong level of trust, indicating that there are no hidden costs.
  • We let families meet their loved ones in our rehab centre in Bijnor so that they can see the progress.
  • We believe in individualized care and attention. Thus we share the highest staff to client ratio in the nearby region.
  • We have a specialized team of 45 experts who are available 24/7 for immediate help.

Helpful Session & Therapies

Recognised for being the best rehabilitation centre for alcohol, drug, and depression, we provide the best quality treatment for dealing with addictions. Our professional team of counsellors and therapists have years of experience in dealing with addicted people and helping them get their lives back on track.

  • We conduct 3 counselling sessions every week.
  • Our mindfulness coaching & groups help in speedy recovery.
  • We encourage clients to participate in 3 weekly excursions.
  • Sunday Sessions are our core, where clients share their feelings & their behaviour change.

A Rehab Centre with a Sense of Home

Being the best rehabilitation centre for depression, alcohol and drug addicts, we offer a unique group program that helps patients connect and bond more with fellow patients and feel less lonely. Our clients will be under active monitoring by our nursing team during the whole process. We are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities such as,

  • We organise several interactive sessions, workshops, & group programs.
  • All recovery programmes aim to resolve addictions, problems, and other unhealthiness.
  • We provide clients with a 4 Beds facility with AC and an attached Washroom.
  • We also have a 6 Beds facility with AC, Cooler, and Attached Washroom.

Get the Best Facilities at the Lowest Rehabilitation Centre Charges/Cost/Fees

There are several treatment options for addiction in Bijnor and the nearby regions, but there is no better place than the Sabrr Foundation de-addiction centre in Bijnor. Out of several options available in the area for treatment, we provide the best care at meagre rates. Our rehabilitation centre charges/cost/fees are comparatively less than other rehabs. As our name suggests, we aim to help the patients recover completely from their addiction to alcohol or any other drugs in the least possible time.

Reclaim Your Life From Addiction with Sabrr Foundation Rehabilitation Centre in Bijnor

Located in the town of Bijnor, Sabrr Foundation is a renowned rehabilitation centre that works actively to reduce the spread of drug abuse in our society. Our goal is to provide quality rehabilitation and counselling services to individuals with addiction problems and their families. We help them regain control over their lives and emerge into mainstream society. Being the best rehabilitation centre in Bijnor, we also educate people about addiction and how to prevent it.

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