Nasha Mukti Kendra In Ghaziabad

Sabrr Foundation empowers you to make your own life choices.

Getting addicted to drugs is one of the worst compulsions that harm an individual's life in several ways. It is no less than a lethal disease that affects the life of an addicted individual. However, its consequences can harm the whole family on different levels, emotional, physical, financial, and physiological levels. According to the stats of a survey shared by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on substance abuse last year, it's found that nearly 40% of Ghaziabad's total population is addicted to drugs, and one in five addicts needs urgent treatment. On average, 62% of addicts were from the 15-35 years of age group, while 4% of addicts are below 17.

People from all ages suffer from the harmful consequences of addictions. It doesn't matter how worst the situation may seem. With a positive attitude and dedication, one can easily overcome their addictions and live a healthy life free from drugs. We believe that real recovery begins from finding your inner strength. At Sabrr Foundation, an internationally recognized Nasha Mukti Kendra In Ghaziabad, we will help you get there.

Our Approach - Initiatives Taken By Sabrr Foundation for absolute recovery


We help you build necessary life skills so that you can regain your life purpose

At Sabrr Foundation, our Ghaziabad's Nasha Mukti Kendra is fully-fledged with all modern facilities to take proper care of individuals. We have a team full of internationally trained therapists, experienced doctors, and dedicated nurses to give our clients personalized attention.


Our tailored recovery processes aimed at curbing personal trauma

When one loses control over consuming harmful substances such as alcohol or drugs, they get addicted to it quickly. After becoming the victim of addiction, it becomes difficult for people to cope up with their surroundings. They start losing their control from life, causing personal trauma, which is the leading cause why they aren't able to leave their addictions by themselves. Recovery is not a treatment, it's a journey, and that's why our team works effortlessly to help you overcome your trauma and lead a healthier life.


We believe in conferring holistic wellness employing meditation and therapies

We aim at enabling individuals to work for envisioning a holistic approach to life for a great future. Our de-addiction process empowers individuals to live a healthy life utterly free from addictions. We conduct different therapies and sessions for succouring stress management techniques such as meditation and yoga.

Our Core Areas

We let you meet yourself & discover your true potentials.

Every year, drug overdose contributes to the death of more than 90,000 Indians, while excessive alcohol consumption results in 2.5 lacs death per year. Seeing these numbers increasing every year is a disconcerting sight. Addiction to alcohol or drugs in India is a major concern. In order to help the nation overcome this situation, Sabrr Foundation comes up with a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad. Our highly experienced and competent medical team assists clients with the best facilities and personalized care to get back on a journey of rejuvenating one's life.

At Sabrr Foundation, we believe that complete recovery is a life-long journey, and each individual's path is unique, as their needs. Therefore, we offer customized treatments and therapies for the following addictions meeting our client's needs.

  • Alcohol
  • Drug
  • Depression/ Anxiety

Whether your loved one is an alcoholic or addicted to other harmful drugs, you can help them get rid of the addiction by bringing them to our Nasha Mukti Kendra In Ghaziabad. We help people get rid of the addiction in a friendly and reliable manner without letting them crave for drugs again.