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The first step in fighting addiction is understanding that it's a disease and not a choice or weakness. If someone struggles with one of the many types of addictions, such as substance abuse, behavioural addictions or depression, they often lack self-control and face challenges to get rid of this habit. It's a point where a rehab facility, Sabrr Foundation, comes for their help.

"Addiction isn't a disease that can't be cured."

One can quickly get rid of their addiction by being committed and strengthening their inner soul. Too many drug and alcohol users, the thought of getting help from the best rehabilitation centre in Ghaziabad is just too daunting. And this is why we at Sabrr Foundation have created a comfortable environment where recovering alcoholics and drug addicts can find their salvation and strength. We aim to empower the inmates with the knowledge and skills to fight the disease independently, helping them move towards Recovery.

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Which is the Best Rehab Centre in Ghaziabad?

Sabrr Foundation is a one of its kind and best rehab centre in Ghaziabad. Our mission is to provide the highest quality alcohol and drug abuse treatment services while incorporating the best practices from across the globe. The centre runs a rehab program that targets the individual comprehensively and aims at melting down their defences and building up a healthy mind.

All our clientele who undergo recovery treatment at our de addiction centre in Ghaziabad is assured that our methods have been impeccably proved to help achieve rehabilitation of the most difficult cases successfully. Clients choose us from all across the country, and it's because of the following reasons,

We help Clients create a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE

Addiction takes over a person's life and results in severe consequences, which threatens not only addicts but also their families. Every day many people fall victim to alcoholism and addiction and feel hesitant to call for help.

It's why Sabrr Foundation has been set up. Our team integrally focuses on treating mental, psychological and physical side effects of addiction to ensure recovery last for years. Above all, we make sure that once you leave our centre, you leave knowing you have been changed forever.

We help clients get back to a NORMAL LIFE

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is among those chronic relapsing disorders that involve a compulsive use of a substance or behaviour, despite harmful consequences. Substance abuse may begin as a voluntary process. But, it quickly progresses to dependence, making it difficult for individuals to stop using drugs and alcohol even when they want to quit. It's not that difficult if they get the right help at the right time, like getting help from one of its kind rehabilitation centres in Ghaziabad, like Sabrr Foundation.

Our addiction treatment programs are rooted in evidence-based therapies and focus on helping people overcome their addictions. We offer full-time residential drug and alcohol detoxification for patients across the country. Our recovery treatment programs are designed by experts trained in the field of Addictionology who hold years of experience in helping addicted individuals get back to their life.

We provide Clients with a WARM & WELCOMING ENVIRONMENTAL

We are not just the rehab centre but also a home away from home to all those that need our assistance. We are among the best rehab facilities in India that offer specialised treatment programs for all types of addiction.

We offer individualised treatment plans for drug and alcohol addiction, and our highly professional team of 45 members are always available to help clients. We let our clients access fully air-conditioning facilities with attached washrooms to comfort them to feel at ease and respond fast to the recoveries.

The initiative is aimed at educating addicts and their families about the problem as well as offering professional help and support.

Why Choose Sabrr Foundation?

Addiction is a progressive illness that causes damage to the brain and body. It can be brought on by genetics, childhood trauma, or even stress at work. At our de-addiction centre in Ghaziabad, we treat addictions of all kinds and run multiple therapy sessions that help patients with the following:

When it comes to destructive substance abuse habits, alcohol has consistently been the most commonly abused agent. Around the world, millions of people suffer from alcoholism, which often leads to organ damage and increased risk of mortality.

At our rehabilitation centre for alcohol, we aim at giving clients tools, strategies and resources that encourage them to live a life free of alcohol abuse. We meet with client's one-on-one to gain a better understanding of your situation and help them accordingly.

Recovery from Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs takes over a person's life and results in severe consequences, which threatens not only addicts but also their families. Every day many people fall victim to alcoholism and addiction and feel hesitant to call for help.

It's why Sabrr Foundation has been set up as the best rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. From guiding clients to manage their cravings to dealing with any psychological problems, our certified doctors and psychologists provide a complete solutions for fast recovery from drug addictions. We work towards attaining full recovery from any addiction.

Recovery from Depression

Living with depression can be highly challenging. Not only do you have to live with the symptoms of the disease, you may be struggling with your dependence on alcohol or drugs, which makes it challenging to manage your depression symptoms.

At our rehabilitation centre for depression, we provide the best counselling services to treat depression, anxiety, panic and stress disorder at affordable rehabilitation centre charges/cost/fees. Our team of psychiatrists and trained counsellors facilitate a treatment plan that helps you overcome symptoms of mental disorders, behavioural problems and other related illnesses.

Don't Hesitate. Let us help you get back on the right track!

People who are addicted to alcohol are often classified as alcoholics. It's a label that is difficult to shed, and sometimes lead people to other addictions. The long-term consequences of an untreated substance abuse problem could be permanently damaging to your health and lifestyle. Thus, it's essential to get treated on time to beat the source of addiction.

Overcoming all addictions at the same time can be a harrowing experience, but not with Sabrr Foundation. At our best rehabilitation centre in Ghaziabad, we treat our patients with dignity and respect, no matter how they were labelled. With our years of experience in treating people with severe addictions, we have pioneered a medically assisted recovery program with high success rates. With us, you will surely get you back on the right track of living a happy and addiction-free life.

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